Our planet, our civilization is at a tipping point.
And the pandemic made this only much more evident for all.
So, there is a need, but also an opportunity, not to go “back to normal”, but to
co-create a new “normal”.
To start a new era with a focus on what really matters.

Life for humans. Life for all forms of life.
In the only known planet where life exists.

We believe that Greece can (and maybe should) undertake a significant role towards this direction.

     Greece a global destination for “EY ZHN”

“EY ZHN”, since it’s first inception in Ancient Greece, means wellbeing and is focused on Humans.
In the era of change and evolution that we are witnessing, the meaning of EY ZHN needs to evolve as well.
It is not enough anymore to talk about a narrow anthropocentric Wellbeing (EY ZHN) and focus only on human
life. We need to take the notion of Wellbeing everywhere for all forms of life.

EY ZHN: Wellbeing for all Beings
Wellbeing for Life

Greece has a unique opportunity to leverage the above proposition by applying it in the Tourism sector.
One of the most important industries in Greece and worldwide.

Greece to become a global destination and a global paradigm of EY ZHN.

With it’s extended and evolved meaning as “Wellbeing for all beings”. Initiating a new Life era!

A platform for Life experiences.
A new form of Content!

EY ZHN LIFE is an initiative that contributes in making Greece a global
destination and paradigm for EY ZHN for Life.

  • Leveraging the power of the Tourism industry
  • Helping shape the future of the Tourism industry
  • Integrating ESGs for stakeholders of the Tourism industry (brands,
    destinations and more)
  • Actively contributing to the wellbeing of all forms of life

A platform for Life experiences. Literally!
A new form of Content!

Innovative physical and digital infrastructure, programs and content leading
to Wellbeing for Anthropos, Gaia, Cosmos. Leveraging the unique identity
and characteristics of each location and place. In four pillars:

Cell of Life

Wellbeing for land life

How can we create unique local hubs that celebrate life and prepare us towards a new Life era?


Wellbeing for human life

How can we develop the future tourism offering by leveraging the - usually idle - holiday time for Anthropos


Wellbeing for sea life

How can we enhance the Blue economy and leverage the boat chartering fleets for marine life protection?


Wellbeing for future life

How can we connect the past with the future, making our future Cosmos a place that we would like to visit?

Unique location-based experiential hubs

Deep experiences leading to deep engagement. Transforming the “objects” of each destination into “subjects” and creating bonds with the visitors as protagonists. Showcasing the best of biodiversity, history, geography, culture, food, people, past and future of each destination.

For Anthropos, Gaia, Cosmos. In Land and Sea. Actively contributing to all forms of Life.

Creating reasons to visit and to visit again!
Resorts, parks, marinas, developments, hotels, charter boats, camps, cultural sites, cities and more


Wellbeing for land life

Cell of Life installations in selected locations all over Greece. Similar in form but exclusive and unique in their purpose and content. Exactly as life cells!

Hybrid format based on physical Geodetic Dome structures and a digital platform. Leveraging citizen science.

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The Cell of Life is a School for life.
A hub to learn and explore life, initiating a new Life era. A mission hub for all, to realize that they already are interconnected cells of life.

Going beyond “Sustainability” and exploring a Life affirming civilization.With international partners and in alignment with the UN SDG’s, the Cell of Life offers unique experiences, exploration and learning through citizen science.

Discovery, Adventure, Exploration, Learning, Playing, Making…
Becoming part of a global community of cells of life through our digital platform!


Wellbeing for sea life

Lots of people and lots of boats go out to the sea every day.

What if we could harness this capacity for the benefit and wellbeing of the sea?
What if we could offer unique contextual life experiences to these people at the same time?

Xplore Blue is crowdsourcing the Sea!

For the benefit and wellbeing of the sea and marine life. Enhancing at the same time the offering of the Blue Economy.

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Every boat can become a Blue Xplorer boat!
Every resort, park or hotel can offer Xplore Blue experiences!
Everybody can become a Blue ocean Xplorer!

Through the combination of:
A) Xplore Blue boat equipment packs (sensor pack, biodiversity pack, exploration pack and more)
B) Xplore Blue digital platform

A hybrid format based on specially equipped charter boats and a digital platform. Leveraging citizen science and content.
The first exclusive Xplore Blue boat, a rugged RAFNAR 1200 Xplore Blue version, is currently being built in a Greek shipyard!



Wellbeing for human life

The relationship between “work time” and “leisure time” are changing.        The lines between working, relaxing, learning, experiencing and playing are blurred.

We believe that the current and future Tourism offering needs to evolve to accommodate the above.
We need to rethink the notion of “empty” time during our holidays!

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Greece can become a destination to grow!
Wellbeing for Human life by leveraging the holiday time. Bringing harmony between leisure and work and introducing opportunities to evolve, to learn, to experience and grow.

FutureU is a platform to grow and #upgradeyourself. Mind, Body, Spirit. Life

Creating spaces, facilities, content and programs to recharge and upgrade mind, body and soul. Consisting of 3+1 main elements.
1. FutureU space. An especially custom immersive space to meet yourself.
2. FutureU pods. Transformative technology pods to help you grow and unleash your full potential.
3. FutureU content. Custom programs and retreats to discover and upgrade yourself. In live, digital, virtual formats.
4. FutureU digital platform. A digital place accessible to everybody from anywhere.



Wellbeing for future life

What if we could visit the future of our cosmos? Literally!

Travelling in time and visiting the past, present and future of the place and the destination we are visiting.

Playing, experiencing and learning about how technologies and trends will affect all aspects of our lives. Education, Transportation, Food, Work, Entertainment, Home…

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XFuture consists of two modular elements. Providing a location based wellbeing vision of the Future. Making future a place we would want to visit!

A place where you can experience a day in the future! An innovative interactive installation to play, learn and discover the future of Health, Work, Play, Food and more.

A VR based Time machine! A unique location-based immersive experience able to teleport you anywhere and experience everything! Customized for your destination, hotel, resort, cultural site, park and more. Highlighting your destination’s history, culture and evolutionary journey from the past to the
See a preview of a VOYAGER XR immersive experience here



Our company EY ZHN, celebrating 30 years, more than 2000 projects in more than 10 countries
(including 3 Olympic Games), is introducing EY ZHN LIFE initiative. A multilevel initiative to contribute in
making Greece a global destination and paradigm of Wellbeing for all being.

Leveraging the power of Tourism.
Helping shape the future of the Tourism offering.

Contact us


+30 210 994 4544